Sightseeing Package

For sightseeing enthusiasts, we have developed a unique package of attractions that will satisfy even the greatest hunger for knowledge. archaeology, history, marine, nature and art - all this is intertwined in Bydgoszcz, and with the Tourist Card you will experience them all. Feel the spirit of adventure - look at the city from above, discover new places and fall in love with Bydgoszcz!

Sightseeing Package provides free admission to:

Pump Hall

The Land Forces Museum

Water Tower

Lemara Barge

Rother’s Mills

Leon Wyczółkowski Department

Rother’s Mills - kopia

The “Pod Łabędziem” (Under the Swan) Pharmacy

Bike rental


Gdańska 4

Modern Art Gallery

Archeological Collections


The Museum Of Soap And The History Of Dirt

European Money Center - temporary closed


Bydgoszcz Art Centre

Sightseeing Package provides discounts in:

Sowa Restaurant

10% discount on the entire menu card from Monday to Friday

SPA Clarins in Bohema Hotel 5

10% discount on all treatments

Tourism Office -

20% discount on 2-hour guided tours

Tourist Guide - Leszek Umiński

20% discount in Sightseeing Package

Kino Cafe

20% discount on all coffees and other beverages

Bobby Burger - Stary Rynek

Zniżka 10% na całą kartę menu

Pomeranian Philharmonic

20% discount on selected concerts marked with the Bydgoszcz Tourist Card logo.

The Chamber Theater in Bydgoszcz

20% discount on selected performances

Black Diamond Restaurant

10% discount on dinner in the dark for one person

Apteka Restaurant & Cocktailbar

10% discount on the entire menu card except beverages and alcohol

Lodowisko Torbyd

Nieodpłatne wypożyczenie łyżew

Manufaktura Słodyczy Karmelowa Kraina

20% zniżki na warsztaty

Pod Papugami Bistro

10% discount on whole menu

Tiger Bar (City Hotel)

15% discount on dishes from the bar menu except beverages and alcohol

3 V6 Restaurant (City Hotel)

15% discount on all dishes from the menu except beverages and alcohol

Gra miejska - Into The Dark

Zniżka 10% na grę