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Niedźwiedzia 1, Bydgoszcz
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Guided walks are very popular. No wonder why - our guides are talkers, enthusiasts and explorers. They try to infect visitors with their passion for Bydgoszcz and share their knowledge reliably. The duration of one walk is about 1.5 hours.
We offer weekend walks on two routes:
The first one covers the area of ​​the Old Town. Here we will find out, among others: what the Mill Island looked like in the past, where the red outline on the Old Market Square came from and what is the matter with that Twardowski.
The second route is a walk around Śródmieście (Downtown). The axis of the trip will be Gdańska Street. The guide will reveal whose face is hidden on the facade of the Hotel Pod Orłem, why spirit was kept in the Church of the Poor Clares and where the beautiful, historical elevator is located.

Language: Polish

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