Rother’s Mills - kopia

Mennica 10, Bydgoszcz
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Wystawa Młyn - Maszyna - Młyny Rothera


The Rother's Mills are a valuable monument of industrial architecture from the mid-19th century, which, after years of falling into ruin, was revitalized by the City of Bydgoszcz. The facility is located on Mill Island - a green enclave surrounded by water in the heart of the city. There is a terrace with a fountain adjacent to the buildings - a place for walks and relaxation. Today, it is the seat of the Rother's Mills Science and Culture Center, which takes care of this place and fills it with life.

What can you do here? First of all, go inside and admire the monumental, industrial architecture! Exhibitions? Concerts? Lectures? Workshops? Science shows? The Mill Calendar is full of events - it's a place where you can have a good time!

There are two permanent exhibitions here. The first one is “Knots. The Story of the City by the River”.

The eponymous “Knots” are a reference to the Bydgoszcz Water Junction, but the name has also a symbolic meaning – it refers to human ties, the intertwining of the fates of the inhabitants. The exhibition presents Bydgoszcz inseparably connected to the Brda River, the Bydgoszcz Canal, and the Vistula River and makes you feel the spirit of the city in which important events intertwine with the residents’ stories about their daily lives. We will go back to the past and follow the last 170 years of Bydgoszcz’s development so as to take a look at the challenge awaiting us – how to protect the water resources of the city from the climate crisis? The exhibition was created owing to the involvement of many institutions and private persons who shared their collections and memories with us.

The second permanent exhibition is the "Mill-Machine" Science Center.

For many years, a powerful machine grinded grain into flour at rother mills. what forces of nature, scientific discoveries and inventions are behind it? let’s find out! At our Science Centre, you will slip into the shoes of designers and mill workers. Using present-day machinery, you will experiment, transport, weigh, clean, grind, sift and more. Which objects can fly? Why do people dam up water? Why do millstones get hot? You will find the answers to these and many other questions at the exhibition. Inspired by the history of the Mills, we wanted to explore the fascinating world of science and technology. At our “Mill-Machine” exhibition, you will not only be able to see but also experience the wonders of technology. To explore the path from grain to flour, you will be able to examine the exhibits in whatever order you like, or one at a time, using the display numbers shown in the instructions.

In Rother's Mills you can see the panorama of the Mill Island from a viewing point and visit food spots. The “New Place” café invites you to extraordinary journeys full of flavors, where you can spend a nice time enjoying sweet products and warm drinks. At the "Woda" bakery club you can taste aromatic bread, and guests will be treated to unusual breakfast options from the menu. In the summer season, the "Mały domek" ice cream parlor, a delicate building hidden on the sidelines of the Grain Granary, invites you to hide in the shade of trees, rest on a deckchair and... of course, eat ice cream.

Rother's Mills are constantly developing, undertaking new initiatives, projects and cooperation. The plans include, among others: a permanent exhibition about the brain, educational workshops and conference rooms.The Rother's Mills are equipped with a number of features that make the complex better accessible for persons with disabilities, carers with small children and the elderly.

Information for people with disabilities

The Rother's Mills are equipped with a number of features that make the complex better accessible for persons with disabilities, carers with small children and the elderly. Anyone can access Mills freely. Ramps are available from the side of Mennica Street and the Mill Island. The wide doors provide convenient access for wheelchairs and the open space inside the building allows unrestricted manoeuvring. The entrance doors have large handles at an accessible height. The building has passenger lifts with visual and voice signalling to indicate the floor number and the opening and closing of the doors. The frame of the lift cage is marked to stand out from the surroundings. The lifts are of adequate width. Equipped with sensors to stop closing, they open and close automatically. The floor level of the lifts is matched to the floor level on each storey and the bright light in the lift cages does not cause glare. The building has suitable vertical lifts, which are clearly marked and have clear operating instructions. Inside the lifts, there is an easy-to-use control panel and an emergency telephone. In areas with different floor levels, the building is equipped with appropriate vertical lifts. On each storey, there is a voice alert system. Persons with disabilities can use the toilets in the Mills, which are equipped with an alarm system (safety rope), handrails and sanitary facilities at an accessible height. On the premises of the permanent exhibition “Knots. The Story of the City by the River”, wide passageways allow wheelchairs and prams to pass through, multimedia applications make it possible to enlarge fonts or enable high contrast and films are subtitled. Two parking spaces have been designated in front of the building for persons with disabilities. You can enter the Rother's Mills and all its rooms with an assistance dog and a guide dog. If you need services of a Polish Sign Language interpreter, please contact us beforehand by email at

Terms and conditions

To use the ticket:
1. Inform the staff at the checkout that you have the Bydgoszcz Tourist Card.
2. Your Card will be verified.
3. After positive verification of the Bydgoszcz Tourist Card, you can watch the “Knots. The Story of the City by the River” and "Mill-Machine" exhibition.