Lodowisko Torbyd

Toruńska 59
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Lodowisko Torbyd


Torbyd. The only, unique, year-round ice rink in Bydgoszcz. Built in 2019, allows over 250 skaters to ride in comfortable conditions at the same time. This modern facility is ecological, economical and adapted for the disabled. There is a constant temperature of +15॰C all year round. We have over 500 skates in sizes 26-50. On site, "bears" will help you in learning to skate. After the slides, we invite you to the restaurant with a view at the ice rink. Paid parking.

Information for people with disabilities

The facility is adapted to serve the disabled.• Envelopes directly at the entrance to the ice rink,• Threshold-free, wide entrances,• Wide ice goals,• Elevators to the first floor (Braille buttons),• Adapted toilets,

Terms and conditions

For holders of the Tourist Card, we offer free skate rental.

To use the Card:
1. Inform the staff at the checkout that you have the Bydgoszcz Tourist Card. Buy a ticket.
2. Your Card will be verified.
3. After positive verification you will receive free skate rental.