Leon Wyczółkowski Department

Mennica 7, Bydgoszcz
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Dom Leona Wyczółkowskiego

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A unique collection dedicated to the patron of the museum awaits in the salon interiors of the Leon Wyczółkowski House. Visitors can, among other things, visit the artist's painting and graphic studio. At the exhibition you can find a graphic press used by the artist and an easel called a "tram" with the master's palettes and paintbrushes.The District Museum has one of the largest collections of paintings, drawings and graphics by Leon Wyczółkowski in Poland. The exhibition presents the artist's graphics, supplemented with a collection of numerous documents, a rich photographic archive, personal memorabilia and exhibits in the form of furniture from the manor house in Gościeradz.

Information for people with disabilities

The building has a stair lift that allows it to overcome the stairs leading to the cash register area. People in wheelchairs can visit a part of the permanent exhibition (the blue lounge and the green lounge) entitled "The Works of Leon Wyczółkowski (1852-1936)" located on the ground floor of the Leon Wyczółkowski’s House. There are no Braille markings in the building, no contrast or enlarged print markings for the blind and partially sighted.

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