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If your Card isn’t working properly, you should immediately notify an authorised point of sale or a partner point of sale about that.
No, the card is personal, and must be signed, which means it can only be used by one person.
You have a choice. Just indicate the date and time when the Card should become valid on the form.
The Card can not be returned.
No, you don’t have to buy another Card. Just purchase a new Package.
Students of foreign universities or colleges (below 26 years of age) can buy a discount Card if they hold an ISIC or a European Youth Card (issued outside the Republic of Poland).
No, you can visit a given tourist attraction only once. Only in special cases it is possible to visit an attraction multiple times: for example, when you have to leave the venue, and return after only 10 or 20 minutes.
Yes. Based on the student’s ID card (shown at museums at the request of the staff), it is possible to purchase a Tourist Card at a discount price. This also concerns foreign students. (WARNING! This does not apply to the Metropolitan Ticket!)
It’s not necessary to show the purchase receipt, you just have to show the Card. The Card must be read in order to verify whether it’s active. This also allows us to collect statistical data.
Anyone who buys a Card at an authorised or partner point of sale can use the Tourist Card.

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